When children are learning a new language, it can be challenging for them to keep up with their peers. English Tutoring Auckland provides the extra help your child needs to succeed in school and beyond. 

Here are five reasons why your child should consider becoming an English tutor.

  • Encourage them to Read

 Reading is a great way to improve vocabulary, fluency, and grammar. Reading also helps develop writing skills by showing you how other writers use words in their sentences. It is believed that if you read more, you’ll be able to understand more. 

  • Motivate them to Learn English

English tutoring Auckland can motivate your child by using games and activities. For example, they will ask them to find an English-speaking friend who will play with them. You could also make cards with pictures of animals and teach them the names of the animals in English. This will help them learn new words and enhance their vocabulary skills so that they can communicate better with others around them!

  • Help them with Pronunciation

Help them with pronunciation. An experienced tutor can teach them how to pronounce individual words and syllables, as well as intonation and stress. It will help your child learn how to pronounce sentence stress in English so that they can communicate effectively when speaking the language. Teach your child about word stress, vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and other aspects of the English language that will help them become more confident when speaking it.

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  • Improve their understanding of Grammar

Grammar is the structure of language. It's the basis for all writing, and it helps students understand what they read. If a student doesn't have a good grasp of grammar, he or she will have difficulty writing in English.

Grammar also helps learners with pronunciation because it provides a framework for understanding how words should sound when spoken aloud--which is especially important when learning a foreign language like English!

  • Build their Communication Skills

Your child's communication skills are important for success in school and in life. A tutor can help students learn how to communicate in different ways, like through writing or speaking. They can practice speaking with their tutor by talking about what they've learned in class or asking questions about the topic at hand.

Your child will also gain confidence when he or she feels comfortable enough with his tutor that he/she doesn't feel nervous about sharing his thoughts out loud!

Tutoring can improve their literacy skills, among other things

While tutoring can be a great way to help your child improve their English grammar, it's also useful for building vocabulary, speaking fluently, and improving writing skills. Tutors also help children develop reading comprehension skills as well as an understanding of how the language works.


If you're looking for a way to help your child learn English grammar and improve their literacy skills, tutoring is a great option. English Tutoring Auckland can also help children with pronunciation, communication skills, and other subjects like math or science. If you want more information about how tutoring works or where to find one near you, call us today!